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Translation and Localisation

InWord offers comprehensive solutions for specialised translation of documentation and localisation of websites, software, video games, audio and video materials. We offer translations into 47 languages of the world, including rare ones, by professional linguists with industry experience.
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Interpretation services

We offer our clients to use the services of interpretation in various formats, whether it is simultaneous at an international conference, consecutive or whispering at personal meetings, or provide remote interpretation in telephone conversations and video conferences. Our interpreters have experience in interpretation at various high-level events. At the request of the customer, InWord specialists can arrange interpretation on business or tourist trips .
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Legalisation of documents

Our team offers services for the legalisation of documents for various needs. Depending on the task, we can arrange notarisation, stamp Apostille, consular legalisation, as well as provide notarised copies of documents.
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Creating a unique design, working with media content, layout and formatting of documents

InWord offers its customers design services from logo and printed materials to creating a unique brand, according to the preferences of the target market.
For our clients, we offer services for processing media content that can be transcribed, translated and voiced by our professional speakers.
In addition, we offer translation layout services in the format required for the customer (from a text document to complex technical drawings) in accordance with the original document.
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