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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complex types of interpretation, in which the translator translates into the target language synchronously, simultaneously with the auditory perception of speech in the source language.
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Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation that involves the beginning of the translation of the speaker's monologue/dialogue only after he finishes his speech or some part of it. It may be required during a conference, working meeting, or speech.
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Whispered interpretation

Whispering is one of the types of interpretation, in which a specialist translates 1-2 listeners, only in 1 language. It can be used for different purposes, but is mainly integrated into different business processes.
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Remote interpretation

Are you going to hold a telephone conversation or an online conference, but you do not have certain language skills to communicate with foreign partners? It's time to order a remote interpretation in our company. It will allow you to start communicating on a pleasant note, as well as to achieve full mutual understanding.
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Are you going on a long journey, but are you afraid of language difficulties? Order the services of a guide-interpreter in the desired city online, and our specialist will help you cope with all the difficulties!
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Equipment rental

Are you planning an important event of an international format, and you want to create special conditions? There is a way out! It is enough to rent the equipment for interpretation! This way you can hold private consultations, listen to lectures, and even take part in foreign conferences, symposiums, and meetings.
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