Environmental sustainability

We take care of our planet

At InWord, we recognise that our activities affect the environment. We want to increase the environmental sustainability of our activities by reducing negative impacts on the environment, preventing pollution, protecting the environment, and enhancing positive impacts in every possible direction.
We assess and monitor our environmental impacts and form goals and targets to reduce them. We have drawn up an environmental plan to reduce our carbon footprint. Every 6 months we review our environmental performance and every year we check that it is in line with our targets, goals and objectives.

Building the perfect business with an eye on the environment

Our Moscow office is ISO 14001:2015 certified and we aim to extend this to our other offices. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental management system to improve our environmental performance and protect the environment. We have prepared an action plan to deal with hazardous waste and substances and have developed and started to use a waste sorting system.

InWord measures its carbon footprint every year.

In line with our key principle of enhancing the environmental sustainability of our business, InWord is committed to

Legal acts

Comply with established environmental legislation, codes, various requirements not codified by law but signed by the organisation.


To cooperate, to keep an open relationship with each regulatory authorities.


Comply with the organisation’s customer requirements that relate to the environment.


Regularly increase the stability of the company’s operations by reducing the negative impact on the environment, developing positive impact in every possible direction.

These commitments will be achieved when the necessary practical conditions are in place.

In order to realise the intended goals, InWord plans to:
  • Minimise their contribution to climate change, reducing their contribution to the use of raw materials, materials, energy, water and consumables
  • Prevent environmental pollution, including minimising emissions to air, land and water
  • Introduce a waste management hierarchy, minimise the amount of waste generated
  • Reduce the need for business travel, use various incentives to use the most environmentally friendly means of transport
  • Ensure environmental progress, update performance for employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Familiarise all company employees, as well as companies that do business on behalf of InWord, with our policy.