Focus on results.

Achieving a balance between the environment, the public, and the economy is the main condition for the realization of modern needs, which allows us to preserve the integrity of the ability of new generations to meet their own needs. Although different stakeholders have different needs and expectations, it is important that everyone accepts the challenges associated with managing the company's risks and opportunities.

InWord’s corporate responsibility policy takes into account the established business process, concerns the company’s employees, the public, and the environment. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is further reinforced by our core values of integrity, innovation, flexibility, and collaboration. The formed commitment is focused on the regular improvement of indicators in the economy, the environment, and the social sphere.

InWord strives to achieve and maintain high standards of corporate responsibility in its business activities. Each year, it develops and demonstrates a corporate responsibility strategy that addresses the following objectives:

  • Achieving high standards of corporate behavior.
  • Conducting business within the framework of serious standards concerning the ethical side.
  • Achieving the well-being of the company’s employees.
  • Improvement of current environmental indicators.
  • Making a positive contribution to the community in which we work

InWord has become a member of the UN Global Compact Initiative, a voluntary leadership platform for creating, launching, and disclosing responsible business practices. The UN Global Compact is considered a call for every organization from any country to streamline its current activities, change its chosen strategy in accordance with the 10 principles accepted in society, which relate to human rights, labor, the environment, corruption policies, and start using measures that support the UN goals, issues drawn up in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

InWord strives to contribute to the success of the SDGs agreed by all its participants, the countries that are part of the UN. The goal of these aspirations is to contribute to the creation of a peaceful environment on the planet, the prosperity of the inhabitants of the Earth. Becoming a member of the international treaty InWord focuses on its support for responsible business initiatives aimed at protecting the Land, fair and fair business implementation, and creating safe and inclusive jobs.